InVisu Residencies
Training for and through Research

InVisu offers young researchers in the field of visual and cultural heritage the resources, support, and guidance for the development of digital projects online through a residency fellowship training program. Collections of visual documents resulting from a PhD research are submitted and published under CC and resident researchers agree on OpenScience principles. Corpusses are then processed with Cidoc-CRM and Arches. Websites created by InVisu are hosted by the Human-Hum plateform for heritage and social sciences.

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InVisu-Arches Projects




An extensive collection of Anne of Austria’s representations: political imagery, portrait theory, with gender studies insights.
> Artemise website


About style furniture and objets d’art production in 19th century Paris.
> Beurdeley-Paris website

The Bab el-Gasous hidey-hole

A comprehensive database of funeral findings from the 18th dynasty of Egypt scattered all around the world. (website under construction)

Coimbatore Myriad of Portraits

Towards a spatialized and socialized study of the photographic practice in South India. (website under construction).


INVISU l'Information visuelle et textuelle en histoire de l'art, nouveaux corpus, terrains, outils
CNRS UAR 3103 | INHA Institut national d'histoire de l'art
2 rue Vivienne - 75002 Paris



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