Keys for architectural history research in the digital era

« Architectural Research in the Digital Era », Ghent, 2-6 April 2013.
« GIS, data visualization an open community », Paris, 27-28 January 2014.

Juliette Hueber, Antonio Mendes da Silva (dir.) Keys for architectural history research in the digital era, InVisu (CNRS/INHA), 2014.

  • DOI : 10.4000/books.inha.4924


Textes rassemblés par Juliette Hueber et Antonio Mendes da Silva

Avec la collaboration de Alistair Baron, David Cooper, Kenneth D. Crews, Julien Dorra, Paul Girard, Ian Gregory, Andrew Hardie, Christophe Leclercq, Patricia Murrieta-Flores, Paul Rayson, Antonio Mendes da Silva et Lisa Spiro

This handbook gathers a selection of texts by the speakers at the Training School “Architectural Research in the Digital Era” (Ghent, 2-6 April 2013) and the workshop “GIS, data visualization an open community” (Paris, 27-28 January 2014).

The aims of these two events organised in the framework of the COST ISO904 Action European architecture beyond Europe: Sharing Research and Knowledge on Dissemination Processes, Historical Data and Material Legacy (19th-20th centuries), was to familiarize the participants, architectural historians with a variety of aspects related to conducting research in a digital era: Architectural history research in the digital era Copyrights; Standards, metadata, interoperability and sustainability; Data visualisation; Creating a digital research environment, GIS and Open communities.

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