Exhibition at the Sharjah Art Gallery , AUC New Cairo

In Conversation. A Painting Show observes ways of using and challenging painting as a medium and a fine art tradition in Egypt today.
Conversations with practicing artists have contributed to informing this exhibition.
One of the motivations for the conversations behind this exhibition was to place Egyptian reality in confrontation with the global obsession with the end of painting. Introduced to Egypt in the 19th century, painting is alive and well, possibly because it evolved concomitantly with photography as non-rival correlative practices.
In our age of advanced technologies, this exhibition introduces artists whose work shows the ability of painting to be reinvented as the confluence of photography, cinema, Internet imagery, manual, industrial, and digital processes, implying deep transformations in the ways a picture is conceived, sketched, and realized. They all share a self-reflective and introspective relation to images, stemming from the combined force of new media, postmodern thought, and painting history.
Thus, a new question arises: Is the digital era arousing the revolution in the status and the essence of painting which photography didn’t provoke?

Guest Curator:

  • Nadine Atallah


  • Noor Abuarafeh
  • Nada Elkalaawy
  • Rania Fouad
  • Mona Marzouk
  • Lina Osama
  • Hend Samir
  • Aya Tarek

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The American University in Cairo
MASR Research in Modern & Contemporary Art
In Conversation. A Painting Show
April 2019, Sharjah Art Gallery


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