Adam Mestyan (Duke University) has initiated a new website to support the research project « La Fabrique du Caire moderne » :

“La fabrique du Caire moderne” is a pilot project about urban development, architecture, Euro-Mediterranean entanglements and global investment in Cairo in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Its main goal is to combine thorough archival research with historical topographic iconography, using digital tools (visualization, GIS and XML-TEI texts), in order to produce a global urban history of the Egyptian capital.

“La fabrique du Caire moderne” is jointly supported by Institut français d’archéologie orientale (Ifao, Cairo), L’information visuelle et textuelle en histoire de l’art : nouveaux terrains, corpus, outils – InVisu (CNRS, INHA, Paris), and the History Department of Duke University (Durham NC, USA). The project co-directors are Prof. Mercedes Volait (Invisu, CNRS) and Prof. Adam Mestyan (Duke University).

In this trilingual blog we shall publish (Arabic, French, or English) posts with news about the project and as a public outreach, a description of an image or a document monthly. The images are from various albums. The albums form part of Max Karkégi’s (d. 2011) collection, which are today at the BnF and also available in digital form at Gallica.


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Project page : La Fabrique du Caire moderne

Twitter : @cairemoderne


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