Brussels, COST Association, October 24 to 25, 2017

The COST Connect workshop on “Cultural Heritage in the Digital Era” was an open space for participants to identify and discuss how they could best contribute to structuring this field of cooperation that has shown high potential to create societal impact in Europe.


Cultural heritage has recently witnessed amazing breakthroughs, thanks to an increased pace of technological evolution and new digital technologies used in many local, national, European and international initiatives. 

COST supports various Actions in this area and provides an unparalleled framework for collaboration, contributing to consolidating these European partnerships, also in view of the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018.


The aim of the event was twofold: to reduce duplicate research activities and to fight against the fragmentation of the sector by encouraging cooperation among stakeholders and communicating success stories to the relevant end-users.

In order to deliver significant outcomes, COST invited participants in COST Actions to exchange with other related European research projects (taking into account the broad diversity of funding), relevant representatives of the European Institutions, end-users and partners.

The workshop was seen as the starting point bringing together various disciplines and actors in the field with the aim to create and consolidate European partnerships. By closely involving the end-users, the “COST Connect” event also highlighted and promoted the projects’ achievements and supported their implementation and exploitation.

“Cultural Heritage in the Digital Era” had the ambition to reduce the societal gap in an area of particular interest for the society at large by discovering, protecting and preserving cultural heritage for a better knowledge of our past and for the benefit of our future generations.

InVisu was invited to participate in this event as a relevant contributor through the COST Action European Architecture beyond Europe : Sharing Research and Knowledge on Dissemination Processes, Historical Data and Material Legacy (19th-20th centuries) (2010-2014).


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