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This section of ABE is devoted to new models of exploring transnational architectural practice, and collects papers given at the Conference « Crossing Boundaries: Rethinking European architecture beyond Europe », held in Palermo (Italy), on 13-16 April 2014. Although European architects have worked beyond Europe since the time of the Crusades, the attention of historians of modern architecture has focused upon either colonial architecture or the work of exiles from fascism. Most of this literature focuses on the movement of forms and theories, rather than on how people structure their own identity in relationship to experiences of other places and cultures. The papers of this section shift the center of the discussion from dissemination to interchange and from colonial Africa and Asia to postcolonial Latin America and to parts of Asia that were never colonized. It considers clients as active agents, rather than passive consumers of varied forms of modernism, and it encompasses modest as well as iconic structures.

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