COST-Action ‘European architecture beyond Europe’ is a research project that aspired to create a broader insight and understanding of the worldwide spread of European architecture across empires during the 19th and 20th centuries.

It does so by sharing research and knowledge on dissemination processes, historical data and material legacies. To create awareness among the scholars involved in this project about a variety of aspects related to conducting research in a digital era, and to offer hands-on experience with some of those aspects, a 5 day Training School was organised in Ghent (Belgium) from April 2-6,2013.

During the Training School, which is aptly titled ‘Architectural Research in the Digital Era’, internationally renowned experts introduced and familiarised participants with a variety of aspects related to conducting research in a digital era : Architectural history research in the digital era ; Copyrights ; Standards, metadata, interoperability and sustainability ; Data visualisation ; Creating a digital research environment.

Organized by Cost Action IS0904 working group 4 (Juliette Hueber, Antonio Mendes da Silva, Pauline van Roosmalen and Thierry Lochard)

Keys for architectural history research in the digital era – Handbook :


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